Specialist Glass

Specialist GlassTo ensure Sunshade  Blind System’s products fit seamlessly into all situations, applications and environments,  units can be supplied with a wide range of specialist glass types and coatings including:

  • 4mm and 6mm Toughened glass – all units will have a minimum of 4mm Toughened glass for both panes)
  • 6.4mm and 6.8mm Laminated glass – required with Toughened glass for Secured By Design, and many commercial applications
  • Low Iron Glass – designed for enhanced light transmission, improved optical performance and class-leading thermal performance
  • Low Emissivity Coatings required to achieve British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) standards for A and C Ratings; in addition to the U Value and g Value these Ratings also encompass specifications for Luminous, Energy and Solar Factors
    • Hardcoats – including Pilkingtons K, AGC’s Planibel A
    • Softcoats – including the Planitherm range, often give a better thermal performance and generally have less of a tint to the glass than with Hardcoats
  • Anti-sun Glass – solar control tinted glass including Grey and Bronze
  • Self-Cleaning Glass – Pilkington Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning hydrophilic glass range:
    • Activ™ Clear – clear self-cleaning glass
    • Activ™ Neutral – self-cleaning glass with medium solar control
    • Activ™ Blue – self-cleaning glass with a blue tint for improved solar control.
  • Obscured Glass – the full range of Uniglass (9 patterns) or Pilkingtons (21 patterns)