Terms and Conditions of Sale

Sunshade Integrated BlindsAny quotation supplied by The PJB GLASS GROUP LTD is done so using the information  given at the time of enquiry, should the glass specification change for any reason please contact us for re quoting, we always advise the use of Toughened safety Glass in all blind  systems supplied and the use of 6mm Glass in area’s greater than 1.5m .

It is the responsibility of the Specifier/Purchaser to satisfy themselves  that the glass  specified is thermally safe. If in doubt please contact us for advice.

All Products are quality inspected before dispatch to ensure there are no defects and  that Products operates satisfactorily and within manufacturing tolerances.


The prices quoted are strictly NETT and are not subject to any monthly settlement  discount.

Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the rate applicable when  invoiced.

Acceptance of an order and contract to supply the goods quoted would be subject to the  purchasers account status with PJB Glass Group Ltd prior to acceptance and must be in writing.

Accounts: may be granted subject to credit search and application, 30 days NETT  monthly (PJB Discretion)

Non Account Customers will be required to pay in full or a 50% deposit with order, with any  balance due prior to delivery

All Goods remain the property of The PJB Glass Group Ltd until paid for in full

The prices on any quotation By The PJB Glass Group Ltd are open for acceptance within  30 days from the date of issue and delivery of the goods being taken within 3 months from the end of the acceptance period.

Warranty Period from date of supply is 5 Years.   Minimum area charge: 0.3m .

Lead Time:

Every effort is made to ensure that the delivery is within the lead time quoted at the time of  order, liability will not be accepted for unforeseen circumstances which prolong the delivery

lead time, The Pull Cord system is to be transported W ITHOUT the controller attached and  either lying on its longest edge or with the head rail at the bottom, whilst the slider system should be transported WITH THE MAGNETS ON the sealed units and with the head rail at  the top or lying on its longest edge.

Product Control Types:

Manual Systems are offered with a Pull Cord, control knob or wand operation OR a Sliding  Magnet with Guide rails for commercial application and WITHOUT guide rails for domestic  application, it is the customer’s responsibility to state which option is required.


Normal delivery lead times for Manual Blinds are aprox 4 weeks from Order and Deposit;  electrically operated blind systems are 5-6 weeks from order and deposit. We endeavour  to   supply   in   week   4   after   receiving   the   order,   however   this   may   vary   due   to   factory limitations and holiday periods beyond our control.

Any complaints about the condition of blinds on delivery are to be passed to Sunshade  Blinds Systems within three days of delivery.


Goods cancelled after 3 days of receiving the order will carry a charge for the material costs  incurred at that time and any administration charges deemed necessary up to the point of cancellation.

Storage Charges/Stillage’s:

1. Storage for periods up to and including 7 days after the agreed delivery date will be free  of charge.

2. Storage for periods longer than 7 days will incur a charge of £3 per m  for each week, or  part week, of storage. Charges will be calculated and invoiced monthly.   This estimate is based on delivery for commercial contracts to site being on metal or timber stillage’s for  crane offload,  if under slung when lifting,  or fork lift off loading from the vehicle to hard standing.    Delivery via multi drop vehicles for smaller volumes or delivery to customer premises based on vehicle mounted stillage’s for offloading by hand.   Delivery  on  metal stillage’s is conditional on them  being made available for collection within 15 days of  delivery, at our expense, providing they are at the original delivery address and that you provide loading and access facilities. This can be extended without charge for a further 7 days by application to our office should the site fall behind.  After a further 7 days the stillage’s will be invoiced at £350 per stillage to allow us to purchase replacements to facilitate continuity of supply. The maximum weight of glass per  stillage is 2000 kgs, unit thickness and glass size permitting.  Each stillage carries a unique number that will appear on the delivery note which you or your representative  will be asked to sign.

Note:  Maximum height of glass on metal stillage’s is 2200mm.  Note:  Maximum height on special timber A frames is 1900mm.


The   Building   Regulations   for   England   and W ales   require   that   most   double   glazed   units  incorporate a low emissivity glass.  If you have not allowed for this in the construction of the  units then please refer to the Building Regulations to ensure that your offer to your client will meet the required standards, it is the purchasers responsibility to comply with current UK  regulations.

Extended Warranty & Exclusions ( The Blind )

The warranty is provided for the IN2GLASS product, i.e., the blind system that is located between the glasses, only (the “Product”).

Liability under this warranty is limited solely to the replacement of the Product in the cases  where this warranty applies.  This warranty shall be valid for a period of 5 years, excluding external   controls   which   carry   a   12month   warranty,   following   the   date   of   purchase   of   the  Product, subject to the following terms:

Any claims made under this warranty will only be handled subject to the submission of the  purchase receipt of the defective Product also showing the purchase date.

This Warranty shall only apply to manufacturing or material defects in the Products. The  warranty will not cover:

* The cost of removal and/or reinstallation of the Product or glasses (Consequential  loss).

* Damage or defects caused by incorrect unit measurements or unit fitting as stated in  the Fitting Instructions

* Damages resulting from abuse, misuse, accidents or alterations to the Product.

* Damages resulting from failure to follow the instructions with respect to the Product,  including   in   relation   to   measurement,   proper   installation,   cleaning,   maintenance   and making changes in the structure of the double glazed unit.

* Damages due to exposure of the Product to any chemicals, including chemicals used to  seal the edge of the unit.

* Damages due to the exposure of the Product to variable thermal conditions, including  fractures resulting from tension created by local or partial heating units, large temperature variations and/or barometric pressure changes and geographical altitude.

* Differences in the pressure required to operate a blind.  These may be due to a number of  causes including changes in the atmospheric pressure, changes in temperature and the manner in which the insulated glass unit is installed.

* Defects in the Product in any case where the insulating double glazed unit was  harmed or the units were not placed in a vertical position.

* Defects to the Product or the Glasses due to the ladder cords touching the coated glass.

*   Unevenness   in   the   Product   where   the   slats   do   not   sit   centrally   within   the Cassette after installation

* Defects in the side rail positions due to lack of packing under the side rails

* The internal ladder cord distorting as the blind is being stacked and causing  unevenness in the stack.

* Any visual effect on the surface of coated glasses, to include any internal scratches must  be noted to us up to a period of 3 months from supply, outside of this time frame will not be considered   for   replacement.   We recommend minimum 22mm space  with coated  performance glass on the inner pane.

* Magnets that have rusted due to internal moisture content.

Extended warranty applications will be subject to a revised quotation, whilst we endeavor to  make the product to the highest standard.  There are visual effects that are beyond our control and are not subject to any warranty claim, these include the following items:

 Tolerances of Cords and Tapes:

Due   to the sum   of   the   tolerances of   the cord   diameters   and   of the   internal raising  mechanism, it is possible for there to be a slight inclination of the bottom rail when raising the blind. This inclination is more marked in tall and narrow blinds. For this reason, sizes with these geometrical configurations, which are considered critical should be  noted at the time of ordering and may not be included in the price list. It is also possible as a result of shrinkage of the raising cords, and also of the ladder tape, for the bottom rail to  remain raised. Please remember that the materials of which both the cords and the ladder tapes     are made undergo shortening as the temperature rises and lengthening as the temperature  raises  & falls.   The coefficient of variation in length which is characteristic of these  materials is about 0.02%/°C.   For example, if a blind 1000mm long undergoes   a temperature increase of 50 °C compared with the temperature of manufacture, it will contract by 10 mm. It is also possible for packing in the ladder tapes and the dead weight of the bottom rail to cause the rail to bend. This bending also occurs to a lesser degree with tilting-only blinds,  As the blind is raised, the folding of the ladder tapes does not occur   in   a   regular and constant fashion.   This variation can cause deviation of the slats from the Horizontal as they pack. This does not constitute a reason for a claim.

Tolerances of the bottom rail:

With reference to standard EN 13120, the maximum acceptable inclination of the bottom  rail with respect to the mid-point is +/-7.5 mm (15 mm total), without distinction as to the production  measurements with the blind in three positions.

*The allowable tolerance on the dimensions of the screen: W idth 0 mm / mm -1. Height  0 mm / mm -1.

*Tolerance on parallelism of the bottom rail + / – 5 mm.

*Tolerance on the bending of the bottom rail  Up to1.5 meters = 5mm

Between 1.5 – 2.2 meters = 10 mm. More than 2.2 meters = 15 mm.

 Correct slat Closure:

Take up a position 1 m from the inner sheet of glass, after identifying the line on the unit  corresponding to eye-level look outwards at the level hidden by the slats, it should not be possible to observe objects behind the unit at the observers eye level.

Note.   As   a   consequence   of   this   tolerance,   it   is   possible   for   neighboring   blinds   to   have different degrees of closure.

It is not necessary for slats to sit centrally within the Cassette for the correct operation of  the blind.

Non Conformity:

Assessment of non-conformities in Sunshade products must be based on visual observation  of the blind fitted inside the cavity of the insulated glass unit. This assessment relates only to visible elements of the blind including head-rail, slats, bottom rail, side rails and spacer bars.  Evaluation of the quality of the glass is not the subject of this assessment standard.

Assessment of the Blinds

Assessment of the quality of the blind must comply with what is specified in  the following points:

• The double-glazed unit with the Sunshade blind incorporated must be positioned  vertically, as specified when glazed.

• The blind must be lowered and the slats tilted to approximately 45°

• The observer must be positioned at a distance of 2 m from the unit with line of sight  perpendicular to the surface of the unit on both sides.

• The assessment must not be carried out with direct sunlight falling on the slats.

Assessment of the Glass

All quality standards for the glass of the insulated glass units are assessed by the Glass and  Glazing Federation, Quality of Vision, Double Glazing standards.

Site Visits

On occasion a customer may feel that a technical site visit is required by a Sunshade/PJB  Glass Group representative.  It should be noted that a charge will be raised for such visits should it be discovered that these Terms and Conditions have not be complied with.

Please visit www.sunshadeblindsystems.co.uk to obtain any technical specification you require for venetian blinds inside double glazing units.

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