Sunshade Blinds User Guide


All units are fully tested before leaving the Sunshade Factory, should have been examined and tested by your installer on receipt and should have been tested for correct operation by your installer after the units have been installed.

On installation if you have any issues with the appearance or operation of the blinds you should immediately refer to your installer for advice and help.

Failure to maintain the blinds may cause internal damage and invalidate the warranty.

Blind Operation

The blinds within double glazed units utilise a very stable and reliable system which requires low levels of maintenance to ensure full and long lasting operation.

Operated by either control magnets sliding on rollers on the surface of the glass or a looped cord the blinds can be fully raised and lowered, and tilted and turned.

The sliding magnets sit over tracks at the sides (or bottom for tilt/turn only blinds) of the sealed unit. The blinds can be raised/lowered and tilted/turned by sliding the control magnets up or down their (if fitted) which ensure the magnets cannot come loose from the window or door. There will be no difference in operation of tracks. The magnets may be held in the correct position over the track by guide rails the blinds whether fitted with or without the guide rails.

For best operation the slats should be in the horizontal position before the blind is raised. When the slats are being raised or lowered it is advisable to look at the slats whilst operating the blind; in this way pressure can be reduced as approaching the fully raised or fully lowered position. This will avoid the magnet slipping out of alignment with the magnets inside the track.

The looped cord operation both raises/lowers and tilts/turns the slats. To lower left-hand cord downwards. At any stage during the lowering operation the slats can remain in the
position achieved and can be tilted and turned by continue lowering the slats carry on pulling downwards on the left-hand cord until the slats are fully the slats pull the pulling down on the right-hand cord.

To raise the slats pull downwards on the right-hand cord until the slats are raised to the desired position.


To ensure that the control magnets remain easy to operate it is necessary to clean the glass
tracks and back of the magnets (if not fitted with guide rails) at regular intervals.
The glass tracks should be cleaned a minimum of every three months to maintain satisfactory operation. The backs of magnets and the rollers on their carriages may be cleaned providing no guide rails are fitted.

Cleaning should be done with a cloth damped with water only. No solvents or cleaning fluids should be used.

The cord should only be cleaned with a cloth damped with water.

Replacing and Relocating the Magnets

If guide rails are not fitted it will be possible to remove the magnets by sliding them sideways on the surface of the glass off the tracks .

To replace or relocate a magnet in the correct location it should be positioned on the surface of the glass at the top of the track. The magnet should then be slid slowly down the track until a light pressure is felt as it begins to engage with the magnet inside the track. The magnet should be slid further down the track until a greater pressure is felt. Push the magnets still further downwards until a loud ‘click’ is heard; at this point the magnet is fully engaged. The blind can then be operated normally. This will apply to both the raise/lower and the tilt/turn functions.

Please contact your installer if you need any further advice.