Fitting Instructions for Sunshade Integrated Venetian Blinds

Sunshade integrated Venetian blinds, which are cordless window integral blinds, can be fitted as new or replacement sealed units in windows and doors. They can only be fitted in vertical windows and doors as they require gravity to operate correctly.

From an overview the blind units are fitted in the same way as any other sealed unit except for the guide rails (if used).

Units can be manufactured with just a tilt-and-turn function or with the raise-and-lower function as well. If the unit is just tilt-and-turn it will be equipped with one magnet (normally at the bottom of the unit). If the unit also has the raise-and-lower function it will have two magnets – one on each vertical side.

Guide Rails

bead fittingGuide rails are intended to capture the control magnet to ensure it slides in the correct position and does (or cannot) become detached.

The following is a cross section of the guide rail showing how it fits under the bead and how it captures the control magnet:

Magnetic Control

cordless window integral blindsThe blind system relies on two sets of magnets to operate. One set is contained within the cassette between the glass panes. The other magnet is the control magnet on the inside of the sealed unit. When the two sets of magnets are aligned they drive the system to raise and lower, and tilt and turn the slats.

The two sets of magnets need a minimum of 20mm overlap operate effectively. The following plan diagram (viewed vertically from the top) shows the correct set-up for effective operation of the blinds:


It is essential to avoid damage to the blinds that the MAGNETS ARE LEFT ON THE SEALED UNIT until it has been installed into the aperture.

The sealed unit is offered up to the aperture (with the magnets on) and heal and toed in the normal manner.

It is only at this stage can the magnets be removed if needed. But please note which magnets are proper to their respective sides as they MUST later be replaced on the same sides due to their being of different strengths.

Once ready to bead the aperture replace the magnets on the correct sides. Beading one side at a time place the guide rail over the lip on the side of the magnet and bead as normal ensuring the bead securely traps the side of the guide rail.

When the bead has been installed gently tap the guide rail towards the bead to ensure there is no gap between them.

Bead the remaining sides (with guide rail where applicable).

Ensure the overlap of the magnet and the magnet control area of the cassette is the same on both sides and a minimum of 20mm.

Test the operation of the blind by lowering and raising the blind several times. When the slats are in the lowered position test the tilt-and-turn function.

The integrated blinds double glazing must only be raised when the slats are in the horizontal position.