Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing

Venetian Blinds Inside Double GlazingVenetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing provide an ideal solution for patio doors and double glazed windows. If they are in patio doors they do not get in the way when someone goes in or out. Having Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing ensures they are permanently dust free. They are also protected from external accidental damage. They are safe from little fingers and pets. With no external access to the environment they do not collect dust or allergens. Thus they provide a practical solution that protects the blinds.  It also provides all the benefits of Venetian blinds without any of the down-sides of having them. This means that you have convenience, insulation, energy efficiency and privacy from one solution.

Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing are ideally suited to be fitted in conservatories, bi-fold doors and sliding door systems. They are inconspicuous, tidy, exceptionally flexible and provide great shading for a room.  This is especially true if it gets direct sunlight for prolonged periods of a day.

The blinds can be fully opened or closed or tilted to let in the light while maintaining privacy. They are the perfect product to incorporate into a conservatory, kitchen, commercial offices.  They can be used anywhere where hygiene needs to be maintained.

Features of Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing or integral blinds are:

  • Made to measure to fit your windows spaces
  • Protected from damage or wear and tear inside the double glazing windows
  • Maintenance Free because they are sealed inside the glass
  • Flexible to allow improved solar light control in your rooms
  • Clinically safe and Allergy free because they do no collect muck like conventional Venetian blinds
  • Supplied in a wide range of contemporary colours
  • Protected to avoid degradation in UV Light
  • Affordable, elegant and provide eye catching window solutions
  • Ideal because they do not affect the Window Energy Ratings of the double glazing

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Published Date: 18th November 2015
Category: Integral Blinds