What is the value of upgrading single glazed windows to double or triple glazing

upgrading single glazed windows to double or triple glazingMore and more houses have built with double glazing fitted as standard over the past 20 years. But there are various myths and tales about the value of upgrading from single glazed windows to double and triple glazed windows. So what is the difference and is it worth it? OK so before we start the first difference in having single, double or triple glazed is very straight forward – the cost! So if you are thinking of upgrading from single glazed to double or triple glazing, or indeed from double to triple glazing you need to understand what you are saving versus the costs. The simple question is the money I am going to save worth the money I am going to spend? Let us look at this in each case:


  • Upgrading from single to double glazing. Replacing a single-glazed window with a good quality double-glazed window will more than halve the heat loss. On the face of it that sounds like you are going to reduce your heating bill by over 50%, but that is not the case. Only about 10% of the total heat lost from an average house will occur through the windows. If you have uninsulated walls then adding double glazed windows is going to give you as much saving. There is really no point in putting expensive double-glazed windows in uninsulated walls. New build houses have very well insulated walls, so the saving is incrementally good. There will be some saving on a house having poorly insulated walls, so a decision has to be made. Do you also upgrade the insulation of the walls (and roof) at the same time? This will add more cost to the insulation project.
  • Upgrading from double to triple glazing.  Without doubt, if you have a new built house then double glazing is very sensible. Building Regulations require the house walls and roof to be highly insulated, along with the windows too be very efficient insulators. The only reason to add triple-glazing will be if you have super-insulated the whole house. Using triple-glazing will only reduce heat loss by about 5%, but will increase the cost by about 20 per cent more compared with double-glazing.


What else can you do to insulate sound and heat in windows? I quite a few cases kit is not just about keeping heat in during winter, but also in summer there is a need regulate the heat entering a room to stop overheating. Well you could use integral blinds this will allow you to have the benefit of adding a little more insulation, but also being able to control the amount of heat going into the room on a hot day. Integral blinds in double glazing will also attenuate the sound in a noisy environment. Additionally, internal window blinds for double glazing will allow privacy if a room is overlooked or needs to have privacy.


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Published Date: 10th February 2015
Category: Integral Blinds