Sealed Window Blinds

Sealed window blindsSealed window blinds are a revolutionary system allowing blinds to be incorporated inside a sealed double glazing unit. The sealed window blinds are operated from outside the double glazed unit by means of a magnet. This means that there are no breaks in the sealed double glazed unit. The blinds can be raised, lowered or tilted by the magnet which is operated by either a cord pull or by an external motor.

Sealed Window Blinds

There are many different options available, including venetian blinds and with a remote controlled motorised blind option. Sealed window blinds also come in a wide range of colours to suit all types of rooms and tastes.

A major benefit of this system is that sealed window blinds never need to be cleaned. In addition the glass is much easier to clean because there are no blinds in the way to disturb the cleaning process. Because the sealed window blinds require no cleaning they are ideal for use in sterile and/or hygienic environments such as hospitals or surgeries.

The windows are easier to open with sealed window blinds and sills are kept free. There are no venetian blinds getting in the way or swinging wildly in the breeze.

They also provide enhanced sun-shading and improve the U-value of the double glazing sealed unit they are fitted inside.

Sealed window blinds are factory fitted and installed by normal double glazing fitting companies.

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