Sealed unit blinds

Sealed unit blindsSealed unit blinds double glazed windows with integrated blinds. They are ideal for managing the amount of light coming into your room or conservatory. Sealed unit blinds provide an elegant and clutter free look.

Because the blinds are sealed within the double glazed windows, there is no need for dusting and cleaning that associated with conventional blinds. Moreover, sealed unit blinds are low maintenance and blinds never warp or break.

Sealed unit blinds

Sealed unit blinds use a rotational external magnetic control to raise and tilt the blind inside the double-glazed unit.

Sealed unit blinds are ideal for domestic and commercial situations. They are aesthetically pleasing, and require minimal fuss. Because no dirt or dust can enter the mechanism or sealed unit, there is no need to clean the blinds. All that is required is the usual cleaning of the window glass. Sealed unit blinds are easily operated, give you the option of maintaining your privacy and shield sunlight from your room. Sealed unit blinds are ideal for use in all areas of your house, particularly conservatories and kitchens. In fact, they are suitable for any room in your house or office.

Sealed unit blinds can reduce energy bills by reflecting heat back into your room or conservatory. They also help enhance the inherent U-value of the double glazing to help insulate your house. Sealed unit blinds in your double glazed windows will always appear brand new. Additionally they are protected from wear and tear as well as other forms of damage.

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