Integral Window Blinds

Integral Window BlindsThere is no doubting that integral window blinds are the most advanced blind system on the market. We believe that integral window blinds provide the ultimate blind solution. With some great benefits like there are no cords, wands or fiddly knobs integral window blinds provide your windows a blind system that is exceptionally convenient.  Moreover, they are also the safest type of blind on the UK marketplace.

Benefits of Integral Window Blinds

Our integral window blinds are controlled by two discretely hidden powerful magnets.  This gives you an ease of controlling the operation of the blinds.  You can raise, lower and tilt the blinds with this simple, but effective innovated design. With this great functionality, you can control when you need privacy and protect against glare and sunlight which keeps the room at a more controlled temperature.

The venetian style integral window blinds sit inside a double glazed argon gas filled units to protect the blind from damage, dirt and grime. This also means that the blind never needs cleaning and is completely maintenance free. Integral window blinds do not gather dust and so you do not need to keep them clean.

With integral window blinds you will not be subjected to more noise from blinds flapping in the wind, because the blinds are inside the glass the noise that comes from traditional blinds has also been reduced to zero. The blinds also lowers the UV that enters your room, which also reduces heat loss because it is deflecting heat back into a room.

Integral window blinds are the safest type of blind on the market.  They are child friendly because they have no dangerous cords dangling down for children to get tangled up with. It is also clinically hygienically excellent as eliminates any germs which cling to a standard blind.

Our exclusive integral window blinds sit inside the glass and look very smart and stylish. The integral window blinds system also has no unsightly brackets and screw holes that are an integral part of  normal blinds. With a variety of coloured slats there is more than enough variety to suit your rooms style.  Better still, as the blinds are not hung with ugly looking bulky brackets you will not notice they are there.

Published Date: 28th July 2015
Category: Integral Blinds