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Integral Blinds in Windows – Colours

integral blinds in windows

Integral Blinds in Windows Have Various Colours Options:

Sunshade integral blinds in windows are available in different colours. The colours shown above are the widest range possible in the UK for this type of product.  This means that you can choose any colour for your blinds from our extensive colour range shown above.  We allow you to compliment your room decoration or brighten up your room.

The colours available allow you to match either traditional, contemporary or modern styling for your integral blinds in windows.  Having the right colour can let you manage the mood within your room, and provide stylish addition to the decor.  Integral Blinds in Windows have many advantages, but one of the main ones is that they require no cleaning because they are sealed in between the glass, and the colour therefore remains vibrant throughout the life of the blinds.

Colour can be used not only to brighten up a room, but also to give it a warm and cosy feeling.  Be sure your supplier of integral blinds in windows is unlikely to have the range of colours that Sunshade Binds can supply for you.

Whilst most blinds have the slats and cassettes suited in the same colour it is possible to have the slats and the cassettes in different colours. The slats are available in all colours and the cassettes are available in all colours except for 772093 (Woodgrain Light) and 304.

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