Integral Blinds Double Glazing Units

Integral Blinds Double Glazing UnitsIntegral Blinds Double Glazing Units are a system of blinds where the blinds are permanently sealed within the double glazing cavity. Having been sealed into the double glazing, the blinds are in a totally dust-free environment. This means that the blinds do not require cleaning. Better still they always appear new and are protected from damage because they are not exposed to the environment. Unlike conventional external blind systems integral blinds double gazing units provide much better sun shading features. They also enhance the u-value of a double glazed sealed unit.

Once sealed in the double glazed unit, the blinds are protected from the usual vagaries of dust and other contaminants will not need cleaning or dusting. Without the environment to degrade the blinds they will appear new for a much longer period. They are ideal for all double glazed areas, including conservatories, Bi-folding doors, patio doors and large glazed areas.

Integral blinds double glazing units can use Venetian and pleated blinds. All our blinds are manufactured to the high technical specifications and we maintain stringent production standards. The slats of the internal blinds are raised, lowered and tilted using a rotational magnetic system. This ensures that the double glaze the units hermetic seal is not breached.

The mechanism that raises and lowers the blinds uses a continuous cord loop driven by the external magnet. For even more ease of use, there is an electrically operated system.

Another feature of the integral blinds double glazing units is that the blinds are available in an assortment of colours. This can easily complement the overall decor of your house.

Integral blinds double glazing units use a rotational external magnetic control to raise and tilt the blind inside the double-glazed unit.

The system is particularly suited to structural facades, however there are no limits to its application, especially where a balance between its excellent technical qualities and refined aesthetic features are required.

Advantages of integral blinds double glazing units

  • They are kept clean for life
  • They are protected against damage because they are hermetically sealed inside the units
  • With no external environment to affect the they are maintenance free
  • They do not suffer UV degradation
  • The blinds improve the overall u-valves of the double glazing
  • The blinds are available in arrange of colours

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