Double Glazing with Integral Blinds

Double glazing with integral blindsDouble glazing with integral blinds is a system of blinds that are permanently sealed within the cavity of double-glazing. Having been sealed in the double glazing there is a totally dust free environment. This means that the blinds require no cleaning. An added benefit is that they always appear new as well as being protected from damage. These are real benefits over conventional external blind systems. They also benefit from providing enhanced sun shading and light protection features. There is also the added benefit of the blinds providing an enhanced u-value and insulation of a sealed unit.

How do double glazing with integral blinds operate?

A radically new magnetic system controls the movement of the integral. This operating system has been developed to provide a cordless solution and a very tidy design. Inside the cavity of the window and frame there is one rotating magnet and another is connected outside of the frame. This directly controls the movement of the integral venetian blind. The use of the magnets means that the seals around the unit are completely air-tight. This ensures that the blinds are completely protected from dust. The quality of the magnets has been carefully planned, such that they have a lifespan of over 100 years. There are various alternatives for the operation of the blinds. It is possible to use a simple draw cord, a magnetic draw down device, twist knob or remote controlled motorised mechanism or even a remote controlled system.

What are the Advantages of having double glazing with integral blinds?

  • Maintenance free operation
  • No need to clean them
  • They are protected from damage because they are sealed in the double glazing
  • They do not suffer from UV degradation
  • They allow better solar control
  • They improve the u-values of the double glazing
  • The slats are supplied in a wider range of colours

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