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double glazed sealed units pricesGlass on its own is not a good insulator. A single pane of glass causes condensation on the inside of the window. Due to heat loss through conduction, radiation and convection from within the room allowing moisture to condense on the inside. Double glazed sealed units greatly reduce conduction, radiation and convection and thus keep much more heat inside the room, preventing 90% of condensation.  Sunshade Blinds are happy to quote for double glazed sealed units prices –  call us now on 0800 310 12 22.

The level of heat loss through single glazing can be at least halved by using double glazed sealed units – two panes of glass with air or gas space between them. The optimum air or gas cavity is around 20mm. Not only will thermal performance be improved but there will be improvements in acoustic insulation as well as reduced condensation. All this will make savings in fuel bills and enhance the saleability of the property.

If the sealed unit is filled with argon gas the heat conductance between the panes is reduced. This will keep more heat in during the winter and keep it out in the summer. This will result in more comfortable living and working conditions all year round. Thermal insulation can be further improved using a Low energy saving glass on one side of the sealed unit.

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Our integral blinds in double glazed units are ideal in conservatories but they are invaluable in commercial premises. They are ideal for any settings where low maintenance and hygiene are priorities.

Because out blinds are sealed units, they are permanently dust free and protected against accidental damage. This means that you can have the delights of blinds without extra cleaning and maintenance chores..

The blinds are opened, closed and tilted using innovative but simple sliding magnets or the easy to use cord operated system. Therefore the units are kept hermetically sealed, are easy to use and virtually impossible to break. Find out more about double glazed sealed units prices.