Blinds Inside Glass

Blinds Inside GlassBlinds inside glass provide a solution to several problems normally associated with having venetian blinds. Because they are sealed inside the double glazed units, the blinds do not need cleaning, they do not suffer wear and tear, and they look really great.

The Blinds inside glass avoid the continual need for cleaning because they are not subjected to collecting dust. This is unlike normal venetian blinds where you have to continually remove dust, especially from roman and venetian blinds. Conventional venetian blinds swing freely in front of the double glazing and suffer wear and tear. As windows and doors are opened and closed, then normal blinds swing freely. This will cause wear and damage. Pets can “play” with blinds that are not inside the glass, this again can cause damage. Blinds inside glass safeguard against all these problems.

Another issue with conventional blinds is the draw cords used to raise or lower them. They can get caught when windows are closed, they get caught as people pass them, and they are a safety hazard to young children. Because blinds inside glass are sealed in a vacuum or inert gas, then they are also quieter to operate. All these features help the blinds look sleek, modern and stylish.

Blinds inside glass operate by use of very cleverly designed magnets. These magnets glide effortlessly allowing you to tilt, raise and lower the blinds without tugging at cords that dangle from the top of the window.

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