Blinds Between Glass

Blinds Between GlassBlinds between glass are not something that everyone is familiar with. The idea of blinds tends to evoke the idea of roman blinds, venetian blinds, roller blinds etc. But a blind in between glass is often something that will surprise people when they see their benefits.

One of the things that people associate with blinds is the continual need to clean them and remove dust, especially from roman and venetian blinds. Additionally, they can be annoying when a draft of wind catches them or the cat decides to use them as a play thing or swing. Blinds between glass avoid all of these pitfalls to provide a stylish and pleasing solution.

Blinds between glass are not subject to wind or dust. They are encapsulated between the 2 panes of a double glazed window and are protected from dust, wind, pets and other damaging effects.  When we talk about Blinds between glass we mean venetian blinds that are inside the double glazing. There are no cords needs to operate the blinds, so there is another design feature that make them look sleek and functional. The blinds are operated by concealed magnets that are operated form outside the sealed unit and work in a slide motion. If your customer is looking for even more luxury then the blinds can be operated by remote control and electric controls.

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