Integral Blinds

Integral Blinds | Sunshade BlindsSunshade Blinds provide a range of integral blinds to suit both commercial and residential properties.  They provide great privacy, heat and sound insulation as well as being aesthetically pleasing.  They are also know as integrated or interstitial  blinds.

Integral Blinds – Easy to Keep Clean

The actual venetian blinds are encapsulated within the double glazed unit.  This means that they are protected from the natural dust that permeates every room.  Consequently, the blinds always have a pristine look with no dust or grease on them.  This makes them virtually maintenance free.

With the latest glass coatings and Argon gas filling, the double glazed units give improved solar control and prevent UV degradation. Giving total privacy and light control, and having a fourteen colour pallet, integral blinds are perfect for every type of vertical doors and windows in all domestic situations and commercial premises. The double glazed units with integral blinds are ideal as replacement sealed units and for retro fitting.”

Control Options

Sliding Magnet Blinds

Sunshade Blinds are controlled by discrete and powerful magnets.  This means that there are fewer moving parts and no training cords or twist grip wands. The magnets simply slide along the sides of the unit controlling both the raise/lower and tilt/turn functions; nothing could be easier. The sliding magnets give an uncluttered and contemporary look.

Cord Operated Blinds

Sunshade Blinds can also be controlled by a simple continuous cord loop which can control both the raise/lower and the tilt/turn functions through a rotational magnetic force transmitted through the glass; this guarantees the sealed unit remaining hermetically sound. Having one control method to operate all functions allows one-handed control and an alternative to the sliding magnet system.

Remote Operation

Electrically driven and motor operated systems are available with numerous options including solar power or mains powered and remote control.

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 Useful Documents from Sunshade Blinds

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