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Double Glazed Sealed Units Supply Only

Double Glazed Sealed Units Supply OnlySunshade Blinds offer a double glazed sealed units supply only service and can quote for all your requirements.  We mainly supply to double glazing fitters and building companies.


Sunshade Blinds can make any combination of sealed units, any shape, any size. We can create toughened sealed units, oversized units that other companies cannot make. We use the latest technology available, and are constantly upgrading our equipment to keep up with the latest industry trends.


Double glazed sealed units provide sound proofing, insulation and shading especially if it is replacing existing ill-fitting single glazed windows.


Our double glazed sealed units come assembled and permanently sealed within a double or triple glazed unit cavity. Once sealed in the blinds are in a totally dust free environment.  This means that the blinds always appear new and have the added bonus of not needing any cleaning unlike conventional external blinds.


Another important factor if the blinds are to be installed in a situation where Hygiene and privacy are a must. Double glazed sealed units overcome any concerns about blinds holding the ‘superbug’ MRSA and other associated bacteria.  This is overcome by encapsulating the blinds within the cavity of the double glazed unit.  This provides a great way to maintain a safe environment.


Using double glazed sealed units leads to improved U-Values as well as improved solar control.  All this also means that there is reduced heat gain. The system uses a magnetic control system as their operating system. The raise/lower and tilt/turn systems have the ability to be operated manually by cord, electronically by an external motor or by an internal electric motor contained within the head- rail. The Sunshade Blinds double glazed sealed units are supplied in a range of metallised and material fabrics and colours.


Find out more about Double Glazed Sealed Units Supply Only by clicking through to the Contact Form.


Published Date: 22nd March 2016
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Sealed Unit Double Glazing

Sealed Unit Double GlazingSo what is sealed unit double glazing?  In simple terms it consists of Venetian style blinds that are installed inside the double glazed sealed unit. They are contained between the two sheets of double glazing glass. Because these blinds never require cleaning they are a boon to house owners and property managers.  They allow you your privacy as well as shielding furnishings eyes and skin from the sun’s rays. If they are used in conservatories, they provide the perfect solution for reducing the glare on the TV screen.


The blinds are made from aluminium blades.  They can be raised, lowered and tilted with ease using various mechanical options.  This provides an effective solution to diffuse light and obscure the view from nosy people outside the room.


They can be supplied with the following mechanisms to raise, lower and tilt the aluminium blades:


  • Manual Push Block. Push Block operation of integrated blinds is a simple and reliable manual system. This allows the blinds to operate with surprising speed and grace. You are able to raise, lower and tilt by simply sliding the push blocks along the side border rails. The blinds are moved using a magnetic transmission that operates through the glass.  This allows the unit’s hermetic seal.
  • Single Rail Push Block. The integrated blinds that utilise rail push blocks are a simple and reliable manual system. They operate with speed and grace. You can raise, lower and tilt the blinds by simply sliding the push blocks along the border rails.
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Integrated blinds that are operated by an ECU low voltage electronic system. This uses a wireless magnetic transmission plate. The ECU is battery powered and raises, lowers and tilts the blinds.  You can use the up, down and tilt buttons move the blinds. The ECU is rechargeable so you do not need to worry about replacing batteries.


Published Date: 11th March 2016
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Blinds for folding sliding doors

Blinds for folding sliding doorsHaving blinds for folding sliding doors are all in vogue at the moment, but with integral blinds they are an even better proposition. The blinds provide a great shading effect and add style to your large window areas. However, having loose hanging slide on a double glazed window can lead to snagging of the blinds when the windows are slid open. Moreover, they can flap about in the wind.


In most instances using integral blinds with bi-folding doors will provide a much better option. It will be tidier, add more style and be more user friendly. With an integral blind, the Venetian blind is sandwiched between the double glazing of the doors. As well as being a great solution there is wide range of choice of colours available.


The integral blinds can either be manually operated using a pull cord or well as offering the facility to tilt the leaves. These internal blinds are manufactured using high specification production methods at our Corby Factory.


As well as being easier to use they stay clean for life because they are inside the glass. They maintain pristine looks because the atmosphere cannot get at them and therefore nor can dust and grime. In fact, they are maintenance free and help give better solar control to your rooms. This can be very important if you have large areas of glass in your folding doors. Without the ability to shade the room when the sun is at it strongest, the room will become uncomfortably hot.


What is often forgotten is that using good quality blinds can protect wooden floors and picture from the damage caused by direct sunlight. On the counter side, you can have solar powered blinds to provide quick and simple opening.


Sunshade Blinds offer a practical, functional and extremely beautiful solution. Their incredibly sleek and discreet design provides instant control of privacy, temperature control and shading in your room.


Published Date: 17th February 2016
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Sealed Unit Manufacturers

Sealed Unit ManufacturersSunshade Blinds have been a sealed unit manufacturer for 15 years, one of the earlier manufacturers to enter the marketplace. This has allowed us to build up a wide ranging experience base. Whilst there are many companies who supply sealed double glazing units, not that many truly manufacture them.


We manufacture and supply sealed units of double glazing to window fitters, contractors and glaziers to be used in doors, windows, conservatories. We do not fit windows ourselves because our specialisation is in the manufacturing process.


We pride ourselves in having outstanding customer satisfaction by providing prompt delivery of the best quality sealed unit double glazing. We are proud to have developed good relationships with customers and suppliers alike.


Our factory is capable of managing large orders because we have invested in modern machinery. This allows us to produce the best quality products for both domestic and commercial glazing. Sunshade Blinds believe that we are one of the most technically superior integral glazing providers in the country. We have competitive prices for products that provide first class quality.


We have a large, modern, well equipped factory that is staffed by a highly trained, expert team. Our years of experience ensure that we can process your orders quickly and efficiently. Our great project management means that our customers can plan the installation of the units with confidence. We are also able to meet tight deadlines.


Our production machinery means that we can manufacture sealed units in any size. When we manufacture an insulated glass sealed unit, we do so with two panes of glass that are separated with a spacer frame. The blind units are contained within the insulated glass sealed units and gas filled to improve their thermal efficiency. A desiccant is added into the unit to adsorb any moisture that gets trapped in-between the two panes of glass during manufacture.


Sunshade integral blind units comply with British Standard 1279-5, EN12150-2:2004, CMS Mark (CMS11111) and CE Mark. A new toughening plant was installed during 2015.


If you are double glazing fitter, contractor or glazier and you are interested being supplied by one of the premier sealed unit manufacturers in the UK, why not telephone us on 0800 310 12 22 or contact us be email you will not be disappointed.


Published Date: 22nd January 2016
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Cordless Blinds UK – Integral Binds the Safe Solution

Cordless Blinds UK - Integral Binds the Safe SolutionWhy use cordless blinds UK? One of the major drawbacks of conventional blinds is that they have a chain or cord to operate them. Having these external loops hanging free makes them dangerous feature because they can form loops that can lead to accidental strangulation. This is dangerous for children and there has been a case of a child being killed in this way over 10 years ago. More recently, there have been quite a few such unfortunate incidents. In America there is a website dedicated to getting better protection for children from blind cords, which records 571 cases since 1986 in the US. The RoSPA website records that “… own research shows that there have been at least 30 deaths across the UK due to looped cords since 1999 (17 of which have occurred since the start of 2010).”


Cordless Blinds UK Safety


They use of integral blind is that they are cordless blinds. There are no dangerous or unsightly cords and they look sleek and tidy. They are ideal for any window or patio door in the house.


Cordless integral blinds mean that there is no need to compromise on looks when looking to add blinds in your house because they are safe. They are efficient because they offer solar protection, are functional, decorative and safe because of their special control systems.


All chain and cord operated blinds pose a risk to children and pets. The loops mean that children and pets can easily get entangled and be seriously hurt.


Why not make a home safer, as well as have compact and elegant window coverings that have a smooth operation. They will help insulate your rooms, save you money and look great. Cordless integral blinds UK can be:


  • can be made to measure blinds to fit you square or rectangular double glazed windows
  • have fool proof improved controls
  • supplied in a variety of colours to match any room in the house


Published Date: 15th December 2015
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Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing

Venetian Blinds Inside Double GlazingVenetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing provide an ideal solution for patio doors and double glazed windows. If they are in patio doors they do not get in the way when someone goes in or out. Having Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing ensures they are permanently dust free. They are also protected from external accidental damage. They are safe from little fingers and pets. With no external access to the environment they do not collect dust or allergens. Thus they provide a practical solution that protects the blinds.  It also provides all the benefits of Venetian blinds without any of the down-sides of having them. This means that you have convenience, insulation, energy efficiency and privacy from one solution.

Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing are ideally suited to be fitted in conservatories, bi-fold doors and sliding door systems. They are inconspicuous, tidy, exceptionally flexible and provide great shading for a room.  This is especially true if it gets direct sunlight for prolonged periods of a day.

The blinds can be fully opened or closed or tilted to let in the light while maintaining privacy. They are the perfect product to incorporate into a conservatory, kitchen, commercial offices.  They can be used anywhere where hygiene needs to be maintained.

Features of Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing or integral blinds are:

  • Made to measure to fit your windows spaces
  • Protected from damage or wear and tear inside the double glazing windows
  • Maintenance Free because they are sealed inside the glass
  • Flexible to allow improved solar light control in your rooms
  • Clinically safe and Allergy free because they do no collect muck like conventional Venetian blinds
  • Supplied in a wide range of contemporary colours
  • Protected to avoid degradation in UV Light
  • Affordable, elegant and provide eye catching window solutions
  • Ideal because they do not affect the Window Energy Ratings of the double glazing

If you want to be able to supply exceptionally high quality Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing to your customers, call 0800 310 12 22 now.


Published Date: 18th November 2015
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Window Energy Rating – how energy efficient is my integral double glazing?

The Window Energy Rating (WER) is a system that allows you to know just how energy-efficient your double glazed windows are. The rating system is based on a an eight point scale, The scale is labelled from A+ at the top end down to G for the most energy inefficient windows. You will no doubt be familiar with the energy rating system used on white goods, like washing machines, fridges or freezers. The principle is very similar.


Regularly touted figures show that up to 25% of the heat lost from a house is through the windows. This is one area that is worth looking at to lower this heat loss. If you are having double glazing fitted for the first time then the benefits of fitting and A or A+ rated window will be well worth it. However, the difference between C and A+ is much less noticeable. Sunshade Blinds use Planitherm™ energy saving glass that is manufactured by Saint-Gobain Glass because we have found it to be a market leader in energy efficient glass for double glazing.


It is worth noting that the WERS rating refers to the whole window – the frame and the glass. If you sell these components separately, then that WERS rating will not be relevant; it is the total system.


So how does Window Energy Rating work?


WERs are calculated using a formula. This takes into account the total amount of the sun’s heat that can pass through the glass. This is known as the g-value. The U-value is the rating attributed to the whole Unit, that is the whole window of the frame and glass combined. Other factors used in the calculation include:


  • Just how effectively the window unit keeps the heat inside your home.
  • Is there any air infiltration through the window seals?


The idea of the WERs is to have a standard that is consistent across all products. It is also judged against a standard window size and layout. After the calculation of the formula, a result is produced that will give a value that will be placed in the scale A to G. Obviously, the A-rated windows are the most energy-efficient.


The WERs are supported by various registered bodies who audit window installers. Examples of typical labels are shown below.

Window Energy Rating CERTASS

Certass Thermal Rating Register Scheme Website: Tel. No. 0845 838 8580

Window Energy Rating BSI

BSI Kitemark Scheme for WER Website: Tel. No. 0845 076 5602

Window Energy Rating BFRC

British Fenestration Rating Council WER Scheme Website: Tel. No. 020 7403 9200



Published Date: 5th November 2015
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Bi Folding Doors With Blinds

Bi Folding Doors With BlindsThe idea of having bi folding doors with blinds is not a new one, but it has some real advantages.   Enclosing the integral blinds inside the folding doors means that you do not have the problem of flapping blinds when the door is opened and closed. Another feature is that the blinds allow privacy, neatness and cleanliness. Having the blinds inside the glass means that there is a real space saving to add to the room’s neatness and design.


Why use Bi Folding Doors With Blinds?


Bi folding doors with blinds inside is suited to many types of room, but a conservatory or sun room will  allow them to show why they are a definite asset.  The versatility of Bi folding doors with blinds inside adds privacy, light control, with a real touch of style. They have all the advantages that a door and the blind will have without the bulkiness, rattling noise when the door closes or swings in the wind.


Sunshade Blinds can supply Bi folding doors with blinds inside as well as sliding patio doors that will provide an eye-catching impact to the exterior of any home. This door system is thermally strong, with the ability to create a dramatic large area of glass without reducing thermal or weather resistance and they can take all types of sealed units with blinds inside that we manufacture.


In addition, integrated blinds can be fitted to normal UPVC entrance doors, bi-folding doors and any door that has an integral square of oblong window to take the blinds in double glazed units.


If you are double glazing fitter and you are interested in supplying bi folding doors with blinds to your customers, why not telephone us on 0800 310 12 22 or contact us be email you will not be disappointed.


Published Date: 16th October 2015
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Blinds Inside Double Glazing

Blinds Inside Double GlazingWe are now all very familiar with double glazed windows and they now make up the majority of new windows fitted in the UK.  But less people are aware of the concept of fitting blinds inside double glazing. The use of encapsulated or integral style window blinds means that there is absolutely no cleaning of the blinds needed and no unsightly curtains or blinds hanging off the window frame.  Moreover, they are also safer for children and pets because there are no cords hanging lose to get caught up in.

People have some odd ideas about having blinds inside double glazing.  Some think they are sterile looking, others think they are horrendously expensive, whilst others think they are only available for commercial properties. That is despite the fact that blinds inside double glazing come in very tasteful and attractive designs.  They also miss the functional practicality that encapsulated blinds give you. These integral blinds look great and need no maintenance and are designed to improve heat reflection.  This further enhances the energy-saving benefits of double glazed windows.

Benefits of Blinds Inside Double Glazing

  • Fully encapsulated between the two double glazed panes
  • There is a wide range of colours to choose from
  • Maintenance Free
  • Tidy appearance
  • No cleaning required
  • Co,me fitted with manual or electronic operating mechanisms

Blinds inside double glazing are highly versatile and can be customised to suit any vertical window or door.  There are a high number of different styles and looks available. Once you have selected your preferred style of blinds, you can choose between a manual cord system, a fully automated remote-control mechanism, or one of several other opening controls.

These blinds enhance any double glazed window fitting, as well as giving your home an air of stylish contemporary appeal.  They can be tailored to perfectly match the decor and existing colour scheme of your home. No maintenance or cleaning is required, they are great looking and we use the highest quality material and mechanisms.  Find out more about Blinds Inside Double Glazing by contacting us or calling 0800 310 12 22.


Published Date: 29th July 2015
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Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing Units

Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing UnitsVenetian blinds inside double glazing units are a great and practical benefit to any commercial or residential property.  The use of conventional coverings such as curtains or external blinds ruin the aesthetic look and style, especially in a UPVC double glazed unit.  The use of an internal blind complements windows and doors, especially because of the added benefit of not needing cleaning as it is enclosed in the sealed unit.

Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing Units

The Sunshade Blinds Venetian blind has been especially designed for use in double-glazed units.  We manufacture our venetian blinds inside double glazing units to a high technical specification and production standards.

We continually look for ways to offer our and your customers imaginative and innovative technical solutions to ensure products we sell. Without doubt, our venetian blinds inside double glazing units are one of those innovations.  They are fitted into the glazed units of our doors, window and roof lights.  The simple idea means that it brings the benefits of not encroaching on the aesthetic styling of the doors, window or roof light by allowing them to maintain their important design features. Why would you degrade the functionality of stylish windows and doors by fitting external curtains or blinds to such expensive products? It may be for the privacy element, but  internal blinds solve this issue marvelously. An they require no cleaning because the blinds are inside the double glazed unit.

By encasing the venetian blinds inside the airtight Argon gas filled sealed unit, dust can’t get in and build up on the blind. These are a great solution to the problem of fitting blinds and should be considered because they solve many issues and are not as expensive as you may think.  Contact us  or call 0800 310 12 22 to find out more about Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing Units.


Published Date: 29th July 2015
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