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Blinds for folding sliding doors

Blinds for folding sliding doorsHaving blinds for folding sliding doors are all in vogue at the moment, but with integral blinds they are an even better proposition. The blinds provide a great shading effect and add style to your large window areas. However, having loose hanging slide on a double glazed window can lead to snagging of the blinds when the windows are slid open. Moreover, they can flap about in the wind.


In most instances using integral blinds with bi-folding doors will provide a much better option. It will be tidier, add more style and be more user friendly. With an integral blind, the Venetian blind is sandwiched between the double glazing of the doors. As well as being a great solution there is wide range of choice of colours available.


The integral blinds can either be manually operated using a pull cord or well as offering the facility to tilt the leaves. These internal blinds are manufactured using high specification production methods at our Corby Factory.


As well as being easier to use they stay clean for life because they are inside the glass. They maintain pristine looks because the atmosphere cannot get at them and therefore nor can dust and grime. In fact, they are maintenance free and help give better solar control to your rooms. This can be very important if you have large areas of glass in your folding doors. Without the ability to shade the room when the sun is at it strongest, the room will become uncomfortably hot.


What is often forgotten is that using good quality blinds can protect wooden floors and picture from the damage caused by direct sunlight. On the counter side, you can have solar powered blinds to provide quick and simple opening.


Sunshade Blinds offer a practical, functional and extremely beautiful solution. Their incredibly sleek and discreet design provides instant control of privacy, temperature control and shading in your room.


Published Date: 17th February 2016
Category: Integral Blinds