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Sealed Unit Manufacturers

Sealed Unit ManufacturersSunshade Blinds have been a sealed unit manufacturer for 15 years, one of the earlier manufacturers to enter the marketplace. This has allowed us to build up a wide ranging experience base. Whilst there are many companies who supply sealed double glazing units, not that many truly manufacture them.


We manufacture and supply sealed units of double glazing to window fitters, contractors and glaziers to be used in doors, windows, conservatories. We do not fit windows ourselves because our specialisation is in the manufacturing process.


We pride ourselves in having outstanding customer satisfaction by providing prompt delivery of the best quality sealed unit double glazing. We are proud to have developed good relationships with customers and suppliers alike.


Our factory is capable of managing large orders because we have invested in modern machinery. This allows us to produce the best quality products for both domestic and commercial glazing. Sunshade Blinds believe that we are one of the most technically superior integral glazing providers in the country. We have competitive prices for products that provide first class quality.


We have a large, modern, well equipped factory that is staffed by a highly trained, expert team. Our years of experience ensure that we can process your orders quickly and efficiently. Our great project management means that our customers can plan the installation of the units with confidence. We are also able to meet tight deadlines.


Our production machinery means that we can manufacture sealed units in any size. When we manufacture an insulated glass sealed unit, we do so with two panes of glass that are separated with a spacer frame. The blind units are contained within the insulated glass sealed units and gas filled to improve their thermal efficiency. A desiccant is added into the unit to adsorb any moisture that gets trapped in-between the two panes of glass during manufacture.


Sunshade integral blind units comply with British Standard 1279-5, EN12150-2:2004, CMS Mark (CMS11111) and CE Mark. A new toughening plant was installed during 2015.


If you are double glazing fitter, contractor or glazier and you are interested being supplied by one of the premier sealed unit manufacturers in the UK, why not telephone us on 0800 310 12 22 or contact us be email you will not be disappointed.


Published Date: 22nd January 2016
Category: Integral Blinds