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Creating a Family Friendly Luxury Bathroom with a double glazing integral blind

double glazing integral blindThe words ‘luxury’ and ‘kids’ aren’t mutually exclusive. And while the kids may tread mud into a home, drop food all over the kitchen and touch the TV remote with their sticky fingers, the bathroom can be one of the best rooms in the house to invest in a little luxury that will last through childhood.

Safety First

There are some very simple safety considerations for the family friendly bathroom. Of course, sharp edges and so on can be a concern, but a practical point is that the simpler the layout, the safer the bathroom.

It’s trendy for modern luxury bathrooms to include plenty of clean lines and simple accessories. For example, it’s great for parents when there are as few moving parts as possible in the bathroom – less to break, less to trap little fingers in! Static shower doors, deep show trays, plenty of storage, no lock on the inside of the bathroom door (unless it’s right at the top) and no exposed pipes or fixtures – these are all simple considerations that put safety first and tend to be common trends in modern luxury bathrooms, anyway.

Integral Blind for Heating and Ventilation

Careful consideration of how any bathroom is heated and ventilated is crucial to maintaining a healthy, clean space. Issues like mould and mildew are common in poorly ventilated bathrooms where steam has no option but to stick to bathroom surfaces. Double glazing integral blind are considered one of the best and natural ways to heat ventilation and lowering the temperature of any space where its been used.

Steam likes to move from hot to cold, which is why the stuff flies out of the window as soon as it’s opened. Luxury bathrooms tend to be very well ventilated, which certainly contributes to family health. Heating a family bathroom can be expensive without the right infrastructure. Underfloor heating can be a superb option for busy households looking to maintain a healthy, warm glow in the bathroom. Stone floors with thermostat controlled underfloor heating means there are no surfaces in the bathroom – i.e. a standard wall radiator – that are very hot to the touch and therefore potentially dangerous for little hands.

Storage, Storage and More Storage

A style staple of modern luxury bathrooms is simplicity. And for parents looking to keep little fingers out of the shampoo bottles, cleaning solutions and bathroom accessories, there’s nothing like plenty of storage. Safe, secure and stylish.

Cleaning and double glazing integral blind

Saving an important but quite dull consideration for last, it’s certainly worth thinking about how easy the bathroom will be to clean. Large, flat surfaces are the easiest to clean, making things like luxury stone bathroom floors, static shower doors and deep baths a great idea for busy families.

Some parents prefer to opt for carpeted bathrooms when children are young, but something like a stone floor with underfloor heating is much easier to clean and harbours almost no hidden dirt when compared to carpeted bathroom floors.

Creating a family-friendly bathroom is about taking a practical approach to luxury living. Sleek lines, simple textures, great space-saving solutions, healthy heating and reliable ventilation can all help a family bathroom tick both boxes – family-friendly and luxurious.

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Published Date: 30th June 2015
Category: Integral Blinds