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How has Sunshade Blind Systems changed over the years?

Sunshade Blind SystemsThe integral blind market has become increasingly competitive as other join the market and jostle for business. This has meant that drawing on years of experience (our integral blind staff have over 130 years combined experience) Sunshade has become more specialist, providing a wide range of solutions for the recent trend for bi-fold doors and large expanses of glass with challenging issues.


Sunshade has been using its experience and constantly enhancing the product to improve its operation. It now operates a quality checking and management system to ensure every blind unit is defect free and deserving of the Sunshade pride in its product.


What do you feel is the greatest threat to the industry today?


As always, cheap and inferior imports, and inexperienced /untrained fitters.


What do you thing is the outlook for the market in the coming years?


The country has had a long and slow recovery from recession. 2014 was an exceptional year for sales but we still need to proceed with caution. Several factors should help with the domestic market this year with the increase in availability of mortgages and a very low inflation.


What will be the big future changes in the industry?


More modernisation – that means fewer cords and more sliding magnet controls or motorised systems driving the integral blinds. With Child Safety legislation cord operated binds will be less popular and with shows like Grand Designs promoting the magnet and motor drive integral blinds they are the way forward. We have also seen quite an increase in interest in remote control systems for double glazing with internal blinds.


There will also be more interest in the ‘Green Credentials’ of both internal and external products. Clients will require more information on energy saving and solar gain solutions.


Published Date: 28th May 2015
Category: Integral Blinds



Durability Defined – Double Glazed Sealed Unit

Double Glazed Sealed UnitThe Sunshade double glazed sealed unit is built on the principle of functionality and practicality – with a good sprinkling of style, aesthetics and contemporary elegance. The range of fourteen colours is interchangeable between slats and cassettes.  They sit well in almost all PVCu and Aluminium frames. This has led Sunshade to be one of the leading manufacturers of what is known as a double glazed sealed unit or double glazing integral blinds in the UK market place.


Operating the blinds inside a double glazed sealed unit could not be simpler! Just slide the control magnets up or down to raise/lower and tilt/turn the blinds. Alternatively, for a touch of luxury, the blinds could be controlled by a remote control for the motorised blinds.


Building on the concepts of forward thinking, the Venetian blinds are encompassed within a double glazed sealed unit and so will not get damaged, dirty or fade. Additionally, having a sliding magnet operating system, there are no cords in which children or pets can get entangled and potentially harmed. This safety feature is an important factor in the reasoning that many parents consider integral venetian blinds.


The slim control magnets are colour matched to the cassettes and so blend in seamlessly with the overall unit. They give a minimalist and modern aesthetic which is totally contemporary in design and with the decoration of the room it is located in.


Combining function, practicality, safety and contemporary design could not be easier with the Sunshade integral Venetian blind or double glazed sealed unit. Clean and simple to operate they provide a great solution to manage the light or heat into your room.


If you are a double glazing company or fitter, who wants to amaze your customers with this outstanding product, why not contact Sunshade Blinds by calling 0800 310 12 22 or follow this link to email us.


Published Date: 6th May 2015
Category: Integral Blinds