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Home Heating Through Heat Retention

heat retention integral venetian blindsKeeping the carbon footprint to a minimum is becoming more of a focus for homeowners as their understanding of eco products increases. During winter, keeping warm and minimising heating and energy bills is a high priority for most consumers.  With utility bills constantly fluctuating we are all looking for ways to ensure our bills stay as low as possible.  This means that a subject like the ability of heat retention integral venetian blinds can be something worth investigating.


Heat loss – The Facts:

  • Up to 18% heat loss in a home is through the windows.
  • Installing blinds to act as an insulating layer and high performing A Rated sealed units can offer up to a 30% improvement on heating loss.
  • Reducing heat loss through windows can save on heating bills.

How we utilise our heat retention integral venetian blinds can offer a significant reduction of heat loss:

  • Keeping the blinds open (or slats open) during the day time harvests free solar energy of natural light which increases heat gain in a room.
  • Closing the blinds when it gets dark enables heat to be retained in a room.
  • Having every blind enclosed in an A Rated sealed unit with toughened glass, Low Emissivity coating and Argon gas filling retains solar heat and reflects internal heat back into the room.

So the message is straight forward when it comes to cutting heat loss through the window openings.  The first step is to have double glazing with the “A” rated sealed units.  Next you can manage the heat coming in and being lost through your double glazed Windows by sensible use of heat retention using double glazing with integral blinds.


If you want to find out more about heat retention integral venetian blinds, either follow this link for information or call us on 0800 310 12 22.


Published Date: 27th March 2015
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Why wait for a solar eclipse – sunshade blinds block the sun when you want

Contact Sunshade BlindsSo we have waited for the solar eclipse here in the UK, only to find it was over in a few minutes. It was impressive, but we have to wait many years for it to reappear. We have had to wait 15 years since the last eclipse and we will have to wait another 11 years for the next one. Many of us will have peered at the sun with our pinholes projecting the image onto a paper, or viewed it through our ultra-safe eclipse glasses. We will have seen the Moon partially obliterate the view of the sun for those precious few minutes. But we will not have been able to stare at the sun for fear of damaging our eyes. Now we get on with our life and put that memory into our bank of things to talk about in the pub.


Sometimes, we wish we could shut out the worst of the Sun’s rays from our rooms because they make them too hot or too bright. Obviously we cannot wait for that occasional solar eclipse to come round to do that job. It is here that Sunshade Blinds can help all year round. We can eclipse the sun from your rooms on those hot and bright days. Our integral blinds allow you to “eclipse” the Sun and make your rooms more comfortable to live or work in. An added benefit is that you can also have privacy with our internal blinds.


Sunshade Blinds Can Help

Our sunshade blinds or venetian blinds in glass can shade the sun in your rooms to help you control the glare and heat in it. This will make them more comfortable to be in and look great.


Find out more about how Sunshade Blinds internal blinds can help double glazing fitters help their customers have more comfortable rooms by using integral blinds, by following this link or contacting us on 0800 310 12 22.


Published Date: 20th March 2015
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Mid Pane Venetian Blinds

Mid Pane Venetian Blinds - Sunshade Blinds SystemsMid-pane venetian blinds are also known as double-glazed blinds, secondary glazing blinds, partition blinds, interstitial blinds, coupled sash blinds.


Mid pane venetian blinds make an ideal choice when further solar gain is required. Having the mid pane layout can provide up to 35% better solar gain than fitting conventional venetian blinds on the inside of a window. These interstitial blinds have a tendency to keep much cleaner than blinds that are fitted outside the double glazing. Additionally, they have the double benefit of retaining more heat in the winter and also reflecting heat during the summer. So they keep the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer.


Because they are contained within the double glazing, mid pane blinds are less likely to be damaged by mishandling. The double glazing with built in blinds are further protected from damage if the controls are either electric or manually controlled using magnets through the frame.


Mid Pane Venetian Blinds or between glazing venetian blinds eliminate blind cleaning and maintenance, making them suitable for medical, educational and all types of premises in hospitals this can be a great element in the fight to improve hygiene. In addition, with the move towards using glazed partitions, Mid pane blinds can add a touch of privacy at important times.


There are several styles of mid pane blinds, but venetian blinds have become the most popular blind for this application. Other blind styles can be fitted between glass, but then the gap needed might be larger.


These styles of blinds can be operated by specialised magnetic controls or in some cases by electronically controlled systems. The need to have cords to raise and lower the blind is no longer necessary, which makes them more aesthetically pleasing. In most cases the venetian blinds are hermetically sealed between the glazing and operation of this type of blind is by a slider to tilt the slats or sometimes by a magnetic control.


To find out more about Mid Pane Venetian Blinds – call Sunshade Blinds Systems on 0800 310 12 22 or email us.


Published Date: 3rd March 2015
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