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Swimming Along – Integral Blinds for Swimming Pools

Integral Blinds for Swimming PoolsPerhaps one of the greatest luxuries of modern life is a swimming pool of one’s own.  Part of the luxury must include shading solutions that enhance the look of the room.  It provides a luxurious feel to the pool room and provide privacy when required.  So Integral Blinds or integrated window blinds for Swimming Pools are a great addition.


Sunshade Blinds are perfect for this kind of room.  They allow for easy control of light coming into the pool room and give perfect privacy.  Being encompassed within the sealed units the blinds are impervious to damp, dirt and dust and are immune to the effects of heat.


Integral Blinds for Swimming Pools


Often, on a sunny day, it is really lovely to have the blinds fully raised and have the sunshine flooding in. But when its grey and raining outside you can shut it out by closing the blinds.  You can also have a swim in total privacy, in the tranquil and peaceful well lit pool room. Perfect!


Internal blinds for swimming pools are not only practical but they are protected from water damage because they are encapsulated I the double glazing.  This makes them ideal for indoor swimming pools and shower rooms. You do not have even wipe them to maintain them and keep them clean.


Integral Blinds for swimming pools are a popular addition but getting the right ones can be difficult.  A reliable and effective alternative to conventional blinds is an integral blind. Using innovative technology the blind is placed between two panes of glass.  This ensures a consistent finish and no need for dusting. These fantastic blinds come in big choice of colours and styles.  They are made with fade resistant aluminium. As well as being extremely practical and they are a popular choice where standard blinds can cause a hindrance. They come with the option of manual or electric control.


If you want to find out more about our Integral Blinds for Swimming Pools call us on 0800 310 12 22 or use our contact form.


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Motorisation Puts You In Control of your Double Glazed Sealed Units

Pellini integral venetian blinds in double glazed sealed unitsJust imagine the ease of being able to open, close, tilt and turn your Venetian blinds in the double glazed sealed units by remote control. Well this can now happen!! Motorised integral Venetian blinds in double glazed sealed units!!


Motorised integral Venetian blinds in double glazed sealed units


With Sunshade’s motorised venetian blinds in double glazed units you can easily achieve the ideal balance between light and shade. It can be done at the flick of a switch, and with no visible wires or cables.  It also means no dangling cords to make your windows unsightly. There are also no cords for your children to get tangled up with.


Simple settings make it possible to fully raise and lower the blinds, to tilt and turn them, and stop them at any point in the windows depth. This level of control means any blind can always be in the optimum position to either maximise light entering a room or to provide accurate levels of shading. Of course with the blinds in the fully closed position there is the added benefit of total privacy from the outside world.


All of this can enhance the look and design features in your house.  It also adds a touch of luxury to fascinate and impress your visitors.  This takes the concept of wandless and cordless integral blinds to a new level.


Our systems are user friendly and enable instantaneous shading or privacy at the push of a button.  To aid looks and style, the motors powering the blinds are concealed within the structure of the blind unit to ensure low noise.


If you would like to know more about Motorisation Puts You In Control of your Double Glazed Sealed Units – please contact Sunshade Bind Systems on 0800 310 1222 or by email on



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Finishing Touches With Double Glazed Sealed Units UK

Double Glazed Sealed Units UKAt Sunshade Blind Systems we know the importance of finishing touches.  Which is why our attention to detail is second to none when supplying Double Glazed Sealed Units UK. For more than seven years we have been creating beautiful integrated blinds to provide the perfect shading solution.


We supply homes both large and small with contemporary and traditional windows.  Sunshade Blinds supply solutions that not only look fabulous, but also work perfectly. We work closely with architects, interior designers, project managers and homeowners to create looks that are a joy to live with.


 Double Glazed Sealed Units UK As Shading Solutions


Many of our double glazed sealed units UK provide shading solutions that are used in orangeries and conservatories.  Windows integral blinds help make them usable all the year round. Often, before installing blinds, people complain that a glass room is simply too warm and bright to enjoy during the height of summer. Fitting the right sort of blind can make this issue a thing of the past.


An orangery or conservatory is a real delight and a space that links the outside and inside seamlessly.  Kitchen orangeries or glass rooms which are used as sitting rooms, family rooms or dining rooms are an increasingly popular addition to the house. This means that shading is particularly important in spaces like these.  This means that they can be used throughout the day and well into the evening. This means the correct balance of light and shade is even more important.


Each of our double glazed sealed units UK is manufactured by our highly skilled staff.  In addition, it undergoes a thorough quality testing programme to ensure there is absolute perfection at every stage.


Our customer service and after sales care are second to none.  So whether you are at the planning stage of a project or are considering transforming an existing room with the finest of shading, then do get in touch.


You can contact Sunshade Bind Systems on 0800 310 1222 or by email on to find out more about double glazed sealed units UK.

We are part of the PJB Glass Group.


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