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Whatever You Want – Whenever You Want It – Integral Blinds UK

Integral Blinds UK | Sunshade BlindsIt is likely that today the Venetian blind is one of the most popular window blind products for the Integral Blinds UK market. Since the introduction of this versatile product in the late 1960s to early 1970s, the acceptance of it by the public has continued to grow.


The adoption of continental office space design in the 1970s provided the perfect development of the Venetian blind market. Traditional products such as curtains limited visibility, light and accessibility to windows and doors. Suddenly Venetian blinds accentuated the lines of windows, gave full versatility over natural lighting and provided privacy and security through controlled visibility. Those were the days.


Time moves on

Now wind forward to the early 2000s when the integral blind was introduced and accepted. This was seen as a transformative development over the traditional Venetian blind. The integral (or interstitial or integrated) blind could be supplied with pleated or Venetian blinds which were encapsulated within the double glazed unit. This exceptional product gave all the advantages of the Venetian blind but with the added benefits of being protected from dust, dirt and damage whilst having perpetual youth in that they never faded. Being as easy to install as fitting a double glazed unit and having such easy and simple operation they really drove the Integral Blinds UK industry forward.


Now more advanced with thoroughly tested and mature systems, the integrated blinds in double glazing is truly established in the UK domestic market. Sunshade Blind Systems supply an aluminium Venetian blind system in a range of fourteen colours, as a standard product in glazing sealed units. Operated by unobtrusive magnets sliding down the sides of the window the system is easy to operate, has longevity and is totally safe for all to use. All the mechanics are contained in the window glass so nothing can go wrong and the only interface with people are the sliding magnets, so with today’s pressing issue being child safety it can be assured that this integral blind is totally safe for all.


Integral Blinds UK Today

Today, with the massive impact of bi-fold doors, conservatories and orangeries on the domestic market what could be better than a blind that suits all products perfectly. The Sunshade blind system is an ideal accompaniment for all types of door and all styles of window and is thus the superlative accessory for the modern lifestyle.  Sunshade Blinds is at the forefront of production of integral blinds UK.


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Reduce Your Fuel Bill by Updating with Sealed Blinds

sealed blindsIf you have had your double glazing in for some years it is now time to replace them with the new heat efficient coated double glazed sealed blinds. You will be aware that the Government has been promoting energy efficiency and all new double glazed units now have to meet minimum standards of thermal efficiency. The effect of this is that new double glazed units will help keep heat in by reducing conduction, increasing insulation and trapping the heat from sunlight.


Why have sealed blinds?


Sunshade can supply integral sealed blinds in all the various new specifications required. All new double glazed units have to meet a minimum of a C Rating and many are of the higher A Rating (these ratings indicate the thermal performance of the units with A being better than C). The ratings are achieved by a combination of hard or soft coatings applied to the inner surface of the glass, inclusion of Argon gas and the use of an aluminium or ‘warm edge’ spacer bar.


You will be pleased to know that Sunshade Blind Systems can supply the entire range of integral blinds with any of the above specifications. Should you need to adhere to the Secure By Design standards (toughened glass and Laminated glass) – NO PROBLEMS! Sunshade can also make blinds including these types of glass. There is the Active™ range of coatings, patterned glass, solar control tinted glass, 6mm thick glass and many other variations and specifications, they can all be built into Sunshade’s blinds.


So, Sunshade can help you achieve savings in your energy costs!


If you want to find out more about sealed blinds call us on 0800 310 12 22 or use our contact form.


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Home Trends – Integral Blinds in Windows

Integral Blinds in WindowsAt the world’s largest trade fair for architecture and technology, Light +Building 2014, the Forum presented the trends in the home for 2014 and 2015 with areas where integral blinds in windows form an important part of this. The focus was on various stylistic directions:


Constructed space – consistent, accented, logical


Constructed space is about formality of style that leaves nothing to chance. Strong black-and-white contrasts are employed with logical precision. Monochrome and highly polished surfaces emphasise the clarity of this severely geometrical aesthetic.


Modern approaches to room design integrate as many elements of the architecture into the functionality of the living space. Integral blinds perfectly match this ethos, being an element of the building envelope which offers light control, security, décor and privacy.


Selected site – handcrafted, calm, harmonious


Masterly craftsmanship, calm and harmony mark the essential features of this elegant style. Traditional techniques are linked closely with modern design requirements, innovative high-tech is combined with classic lines. This all creates products of outstanding character.


The skilful interplay of elegant design and structured surfaces, delicate transparency creates highly sensitive lighting moods. The well-balance colour palette extends from muted shades of natural white to midnight black. Dark metals such as bronze as well as matt gold, develop their warm glow in a reductionist aesthetic.


Integral Blinds in Windows as a solution


Over and above everything there is an absolute requirement for perfection and quality. Sunshade integral Venetian blinds, or integral blinds double glazing, perfectly reflect this aesthetic with its range of fourteen muted and metallic colours and their aim of total quality of product.


If you want to find out more about our Integral Venetian Blinds call us on 0800 310 12 22 or use our contact form.



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