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The benefits of glass with blinds inside

glass with blinds insidePeople say that the eyes are the window of the soul, but we would argue that your windows are the soul of your house or a building.


Many people like venetian blinds but do get frustrated at the need to clean them and that they flap about in the breeze.


Some worry about the safety of their children as there have been cases of young children harming themselves on the venetian blind cords.


Well there is a solution to all these issues and one that gives many other benefits over conventional venetian blinds.

 The benefits of glass with blinds inside

These blinds are commonly known and “integral blinds”, “integrated blinds in glass”, “interstitial blinds” or “glass with blinds inside” to name but a few.


These glass with blinds inside can be fitted into double glazed windows, doors and bifold doors. So where is the benefit because the blinds are enclosed in the double glazed units:


  1. They do not need cleaning and are maintenance free.
  2. They do not flap about in the wind.
  3. There are no cords hanging round to endanger children.
  4. They don’t get abused by children playing with the blind slats.
  5. They have the benefits of insulation that a normal double glazed unit would have, but also have the benefits of privacy that the venetian blind brings.
  6. They help with sound insulation.
  7. They can be used for external and internal windows and doors.
  8. They are more stylish than conventional venetian blinds because they are enclosed.
  9. They are more durable than conventional blinds because they are enclosed and protected from normal wear and tear.
  10. You can manage the amount of light entering into your room with a simple control.
  11. Allow great temperature control because you can shade a room from direct sunlight.
  12. They have a patented magnetic drive system so they are sealed within double glazed units without compromising the integrity of the hermetic seal of the window. The seal ensures that air and moisture cannot get in once it is sealed.
  13. For the installer, Integrated Blinds give you the chance to add value to a conservatory or window project.

If you want to find out more about our glass with blinds inside call us on 0800 310 12 22 or use our contact form.


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How to manage integral blinds?

Managing The Sunlight with Integral Blinds

How to manage integral blindsThe importance of managing sunlight and the resultant glare in domestic and commercial situations whilst still being able to retain a view of the outside has created a marked increase in the demand for integral Venetian blinds. With widths between 300mm and 1500mm and heights to accommodate tall doors the integral Venetian blinds supplied by Sunshade Blind Systems help fulfil this demand. Every integral blind supplied by Sunshade is bespoke to fit exactly the sizes required.

Being only 0.7mm thick the slats can tilt and turn, and be raised, thus can allow as much or as little light to enter as necessary. This can give an almost infinite intensity of light whilst shielding from direct sunlight and glare. It can also provide optimum external energy control.

Daylight Management

Integrated Venetian blinds can be set with the optimal slant angle, meaning units provide the best possible room lighting even when they are lowered. The blinds provide the ability to offer heat protection, can be adjusted to suit external light conditions and having slats on 0.7mm thick they are barely visible when horizontal.

Having such a fine level of adjustment means that the slats can be set at the optimal angle and thus can save costs and energy in artificial lighting and climate control.

When combined with almost any coating on the encompassing sealed unit and with an Argon filling, Sunshade integral blinds can provide one of the most energy efficient window applications on the market.


A Modern Outlook

Modern LookWhen customers need privacy but don’t want heavily dressed windows, the subtle quality of Sunshade integral  blinds offers a light and contemporary alternative.

The blinds are supplied fully encased in an A Rated sealed unit (Argon filled with a centre pane U Value of 1.2) and can be used in windows, doors and room partitions in residential, offices, shop fronts, hospitals and other commercial situations.

All units are supplied to the normal glazing sizes as specified by the frame manufacturer and are easily installed by any glazier.


Innovative Window Treatments

As the demand for high-specification residential accommodation increases, so does the demand for advanced light control solutions. Sunshade’s manual and motorised blinds are a smart choice to grow installers’ businesses by providing the ultimate in integrated control for both natural and artificial light.

There is a choice of manual and both wired and wireless solutions that can meet any installation challenge or budget, enabling flexible daylight control.

Sunshade Systems’s priority is to grow its customers’’ businesses where-ever possible and to work hard to develop solutions that respond to installations issues, as well as key trends in the market. Sunshade has a product solution to help them, no matter what the problem or application.


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Integral Blinds as a Means of Privacy

Integral Blinds as a Means of PrivacyIntegral Blinds as a means of privacy.  Sunshade Blind Systems offer a stylish and versatile method of achieving privacy and observation on a small, medium or large scale.


These observation panels are ideal for almost any commercial situation including offices, meeting rooms, interview rooms, production facilities, hospitals etc.


Binds in window glass are well suited for doors, sliding panels, store fronts, floor-to-ceiling partitions, screens and domestic glazing.


The glass panels are double glazed units and are delivered ready to install. Every unit comprises of Toughened glass throughout (or combined with Laminated glass), is Argon filled and has a minimum centre-pane U Value of 1.2.


Provided there is a 20mm cavity in the sealed unit any type of coating can be supplied including tinted glass, low emissivity, solar controlled and self-cleaning (external face).


Panels come with a user-friendly manual magnetic control or can be motorised with either mains or battery power which can come with solar power and remote control if required.


Sunshade Blinds is the ideal solution for all types of privacy and observation panels in a multitude of domestic, commercial and public sector applications.


The panels give a openness to areas whilst retaining the option of having privacy when required.


To find out more take a look at our range of Integral Blinds or call 0800 310 12 22.


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The Differences Between Pellini and Holis Integrated Blinds

Sunshade Blinds is in the enviable position of supplying both the quality integrated blind systems in the current marketplace.


There are two main blinds in the glass systems – Holis Blinds and Pelini Blinds.  You might wonder what are the Differences Between Pellini and Holis Integrated Blinds.


Holis Interstitial Venetian BlindsThe main advantages of the Holis blinds are:


  • Cheaper than Pellini blinds (about 20%, depending on size)
  • Quicker to operate
  • More elegant and contemporary aesthetic
  • Fourteen colours
  • Matching coloured cords
  • A unique specially developed product to simplify the making of double glazed windows complete with Venetian blind.
  • Blind can be tilted and/or raised
  • Is operated from the outside by magnetized handles or by a remote controlled electric motor.

At Sunshade Blinds,we offer made-to-measure precision engineered integrated blinds suitable for almost any size window.


Differences Between Pellini and Holis Integrated BlindsThe main advantages of the Pellini blinds are:


  • Longer established brand in marketplace
  • Lighter in weight than Holis
  • Nine colours, but uniquely includes Yellow, Green and Blue
  • Manual knob control
  • Manual bottom control
  • Manual operation by removable magnetic handle
  • Cord-operated external magnetic device or external motor
  • Motorised battery-operated with solar panel
  • Internal brushless motor control

As you can see there are difference between both makes, but both are a great solution to your integral blind solution,

If you want to find out more about our Integral Venetian Blinds call us on 0800 310 12 22 or use our contact form.


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