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Picking The Right Colours For The Right Seasons

With the fourteen colours available for blinds in units in Sunshade Blinds there is a greater range than any other competitor product , but more importantly there are colours to help you in picking the right colours for the right seasons. Most people are affected by the seasons of the year.  We all have a favourite season and this affects our perspective of how we feel and act.  The seasons also affect our perspective of colours and their impact on our lives.


Picking The Right Colours For The Right SeasonsSpring, with its fresh, strong burst of colours, lends its name to the BRIGHT WARM colours. Distinct yellow undertones symbolize the new growth that is visible everywhere in grass, trees and plants. With maturity, Spring’s foliage yields its yellow-tinged spring green colour and gives way to the cool blue undertones of Summer. Spring’s colours are as daring as the first crocus that pushes its way through the frost-covered ground. Even the neutrals of Spring, like Gold have a certain zest! Spring is a time of vigour and growth, and the colours of Spring reflect this.


Summer ColoursSummer is a time when we are not inhibited by heavy clothing. Our houses are more open, and they are filled with summer sunshine. The colours of the Summer palette reflect this, and they are also filled with light. Symbolically, these colours are extroversive, open and outgoing in nature, just as we are in the summer.

Summer, the brightest time of the year, relates to the BRIGHT COOL category, with clear primary colours which have subtle blue undertones. Summer’s colours can be stark, like Jet Black , Sky (Blue), Silver, Brushed Aluminium and Pure White, but they are never muted or grey-toned.


Autumn ColoursAutumn, a time when the earth colours prevail, and the natural choice for MUTED WARM colours. A typical Autumn colours are Cream and Oyster White. Autumn leaves, campfires, pumpkins, and all of nature reflect perfectly the colours of the Autumn palette including Light and Dark Woodgrain, and it is probably the season that is most descriptive of its namesake. Khaki trousers and Loden coats  are seen all over. Envision a fall landscape or activity, and you will call up most of the colours from the Autumn palette.


Winter ColoursWinter, a time when the sky is often grey, pairs perfectly with the grey-toned MUTED COOL colours, such as slate blue, winter white,  charcoal and “icy” colours. Winter’s colours are like a snowscape: icy, muted, subtly greyed, and very subdued. Think of a winter sky: it is a grey-toned blue, much like slate blue. Winter is a time of greyness and cold, and we often withdraw into the warmth and security of our homes. There is less light, because the days are shorter. Winter colours have less brilliancy than the colours of Summer, and their soft tones are also more introversive or reclusive as we often are in winter. When it shows, there is stillness and calm that often prompts us to speak in a whisper. The “icy” and gentle pastels of Winter, like the Stone, light and Dark Greys reflect this tendency


Published Date: 26th February 2014
Category: Integral Blinds